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Be good to yourself, listen at a low volume in the background and start your yoga/exercise routine or daily chores in mindfulness. 

Music for your daily yoga meditation routine.


Perfectly designed to take you on a routine from rest to rest. Be good to yourself just 15 minutes a day.


Helping you focus on questions that need contemplative peace in order to come to realisations.


Unwind and relax to this soothing soundtrack and breathe deeply, become mindful and serene.

Zerenity is a serene companion to your daily yoga-meditation or relaxation time.

The 5 tracks will take you on a journey from stillness to stillness. (Starting & ending in the relaxation/corpse pose).

Be good to yourself at least 15 minutes of the day.

“I have a yoga mat and try to dedicate 30 minutes a day. Sometimez it’s hard to get this time in a buzy day… I decided 15 minutes would be a better minimum!”

Sit back, close your eyes and listen

 See where it takes you!

Customise your own yoga-meditation programme to fit the changing pace of these 5 tracks

Music for your daily yoga meditation routine

The EP starts with a warm cozmic track that has calming keys, ideal for meditation & relaxation. The second track has an EDM element pulsing away in the background to give impetus and some randomization to the piece. Then, we have a more rhythmic groove on our third track, giving a feel of chill out with drums & electric guitar entering. Then, we move on to our uplifting fourth track called Horizen, finishing our final track on cosmic string movements again with a reprise, to bring our bodiez & mindz back to rest.

A journey from stillness to stillness. 

In between, there is pulse, heartbeat and movement. A simple arrangement of strings, guitar and light percussion.

— Zack Q, Composer

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Make it part of your routine

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Customise your own yoga-meditation programme to fit the changing pace of these 5 tracks

PLJ (Peace Love & Joy)

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