Zerenity CD – In Exclusive Hand-Crafted Sleeve


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Zerenity. It is a serene companion to your daily yoga-meditation or relaxation time.
The 5 tracks will take you on a journey from stillness to stillness. (Starting & ending in the relaxation pose).
Starting with soft strings on track 1 which you can start on your yoga mat by lying on your back.
A pulse enters in track 2 – so you can move to light movement or subtle stretching (You can continue this whole routine in the lying position too if you feel tired).
Percussion and drums enter track 3 – guitar-based and great for standing and deeper stretching.
Track 4 is ideal for the most rigorous part of your routine.
Finally, you rest to track 5 – soft strings and meditative relaxation on your back, palms facing upward. Sink into your yoga mat and tune into the soothing waves.
be good to yourself – take 15 minutes out of your day for gentle movement & deep stillness


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